Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jokes In College

Alo Everyone!

Here are jokes that I amassed while experiencing a college life!
  1. Mathematics is very simple - it's just the numerous concepts and questions that make it difficult.
  2. All those who can't hear me please raise your hand!
  3. If you could not be bothered with the wide scope of activites made available to you should you take this subject, then you might consider taking this subject for its additional bonus points for university admission. If you could not be bothered with University, then dont go to college!
  4. Ok, enough of History! We have got about five minutes of free time - ah! I will tell you about the time when I was in University...
  5. Tutorials are meant for two purposes: to boost your confidence when you know how to do some of the questions; and to boost the happiness of the teachers when you are lost in the remaining ones.
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