Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beauty Times Issue 1


"Coz I look like shit."

Japan's renowned household cosmetics brand is set to take Sinkapula by storm!
No girls need to look like shit anymore!!!

Cosmetics giant Kanenabo is importing its brand of beauty products over to the sunny island of Sinkapula next month. Make-up crazy girls can soon go ga-ga over the wide range of innovative and fanciful products which are never seen before in Sinkapula. Prices are in the range from 'dirt-cheap' to 'outrageous' to 'daylight robbery'.

Kanenabo spokesperson Miss Kana Sai said in a press conference prior to the announcement of Kanenabo's branching of business to Sinkapula,"I swear by Kanenabo. Kanenabo products are really fab. My favourite is the sparkly-electrocuting-seductive range. Guaranteed to help you attract your crush. My beau, Mr Kanina Kana (ousted contestant of Martial Arts Competition 2005) told me he was attracted to me at first sight. Because I was wearing Kanenabo make-up!"

Kanenabo takes pride in its cutting-edge technologies in developing high-quality products and its dedication to beautifying women everywhere, regardless of age, race or religion.

Under the Animal Protection Policy, Kanenabo products are NOT tried or tested on animals. Free samples are given to kiasu and cheapskate women and the results are then analyzed by scientists and dermatologists of Kanenabo Labs.

The first Kanenabo shop in Sinkapula is announced to be launched at Wispa Atria on 25th February tentatively.

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