Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gadget Shop

The I-card is made of a special kind of plastic material that will give it the sharp edge of a knife, high thermal and electrical resistance and the ability not to break when sat on or bent. Thanks to Morphin' Technology of Power Rangers Corp. , I-card possess the ability to shape-shift into any knid of cards like bus card, phone card, library card, credit card, driver licence card, identification, security card.....any kind of card literally, even busniness cards(just remember to take it back before it detonates, you will know the reason later)!! A Personality Curse, a curse from Bala Stella School, enable the card to have the particulars, characteristics, habits and memories of the owner, as well as the ability to read the mind of the owner so that it will know what card the user needs. The curse also acts as a sercurity device, when it is stolen or used by unauthorised people, it will immediately self-destruct with the force of 5 nuclear bombs. This is to save the user from unneccessary troubles of finding it and reporting its loss. A free replacement will be given. A Top-UP machine will be given free for each purchase of the I-card, so as to enable the user to top up money into the card. Thanks to Wite-Lie technology, the card is able to lie about the particulars of the owner without detection, bestowing the user with uncanny convinence.

cost: $655.30
terms and condition: must be Abonis member, Starcup user ,must have at least 1 Bokia phone and applicant must be a student of disastrous record

Hairdusa's Hair Gel
Made from the very essence of Hairdusa herself, the hair gel is also much sought after by students, especially bimbos, Ah Lians, Ah Bengs, vainpots and peacocks. Upon applying the hair gel, you will feel the most pleasant tingling senation on your scalp and the next thing you know, your hair are hissing and writhing! Isn't that amazing? This is because Ayomi Hanasaki had prophesized that in the year 2006, the Medusa hairdo will be in fashion, hence the product. Female students in Assination Course will be able to use this product to scare all the lights out of their targets. Besides that, the hair gel will also help to weaken the hair roots, making sure they fall out by 2007, where going bald is the coolest thing in school. Guys can style their armpit air and leg hair into lethal spikey hairdo.

cost: $14.65
warning: people with sensitive scalp are advised not to use the product as it will cause the hair to mutate into evil hair, which will promptly stangle you to death. or simply speed up the hair growth process so fast that it make you look like a hairy princess. use at your own peril.
any loss of life or reputation is entirely your own fault
Leather Gloves
These leather gloves not only add to the cool factor of any student, but it also posess a whole lot of uses that will benefit the student populace. The common uses of the leather gloves is not to leave any fingerprints behind after a murder/assassination assignment or used as a wall climbing equipment. However, with the combined expertises of both Allopia and Bala Stella, the leather gloves are now endowed with new functions. With Intel technology and Common Sense Enchantments, the gloves will be able to absorb information from textbooks due to sensors on the fingers and palm, thus helping the owner to write the correct answers during exams. armed with anti-theft device, the gloves will strangle anyone to unconsciousness who tries to steal it, leaving the scum to the owner's disposal. New owners can also choose to install the latest Walk-a-ton program into the Leather Gloves. This new program will enable the gloves to locate their masters when they are stolen, misplaced or left at home, they will then walk on their fingers at the speed of 15Km/h to reunite with their owners.

cost: $52.00
Olympic Torch
Made of 100% unbreakable plaster-of-paris. This torch do not require any batteries, all it needs is a lighted match or it to work, no fuel is needed. Just swing it around to hit anyone into coma or permanent brain damage, better still, death. use the hot flame to burn away any evidence of murder, undone homework or poor report cards. a must for must students flunking class or being stalked.

cost: $3.50 plus 1 free match stick
Day-dream Pills 
(No two dreams are ever the same)
pop one pill into your mouth and wash it down with a bit of DEF Beer, and enter a state of enjoyment and fun, far away from the boring and endless droning of educators. with day-dream pills, stuents will never need to resort to occupy themselves with comics and storybooks hidden under textbooks, SMS under the desks, whisper converations or even play hangman with friends under the teacher's snouts. Day-dream pills will ensure you enjoy a full and uninterrupted daydream to help you cope with the most boring lessons. Each pill will last for an entire period of 45 minutes, students are advised to adjust the dosage of pills according to the length of the lesson. As result of earlier failures, the day-dream pill is now improved to give students an attentive and alert look to avoid detection. however students are advised not to overdose as it will result in permanent sleep, only to be awaken by a wet kiss from the Sushi ho/Maureen Saw/Immortal Sia or wake up 65 years later. students are to take note that the different colours of the pills indicate different daydreams to give consumers a wide variety of entertaining dreams.

Note:Pills may work differently for different people depending on their reactions to such substances. some may experience mild drooling, hooded eyelids, lolling heads or exhibit other symptoms of day dreaming which will endanger students. For anti-failure please consult the Doctor before purchasing. Use at your own time

Cost: $8.99 per bottle of 15 pills
Parasonic Ear Plug and spectacles
These two products when used together, they are known as the new 5th generation of hi-tec entertainment. The ear plugs are little black orbs that can fit into any ear, which will turn invisible when in use to avoid detection. The spectacles are also very unique as they look like any ordinary glasses to anybody or teacher. The user have to touch the right side of the glasses to activate the TV/Movie program. The left of the glasses will cause the channels to change. The spectacles are made friendly eye so that it will not damage the sight of the user. The ear plugs have Dorby Surround soundblasters to provide you with the maximum enjoyment during classes, only you can hear the sound but not others. The lenses of the spec are also solar cells, so no electricity or battery is needed. The spec can also be used as an ordinary glasses.
This product is able to do Inthenet surfing to enable you to watch MTVs online. It can also have access to all Tv channels on both the Mortal Realm and the Other Realm as well as other dimensions and planets. This product will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment, without you resorting to day dreaming, although it is a very expensive alternative to kill time

Cost: $1655.23
Duck Medium

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