Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Freakettes' Profiles

About Virtual Cop and Genee-In-A-Bottle
Hello! We are Virtual Cop and Genee-In -A-Bottle, the brother-sister team in the Freaks Society. As cousins of Bubbly Millionheiress and Animal Instinct, we were invited to join Freakstimes by Bubbly Millionheiress. So we and Animal Instinct joined Freakstimes on X'mas day! So far, we have never felt left out by the rest of the members though we are much younger than the rest! Here's little snippets of info about us:
I'm a 14 year old guy, sorry, Freak, living in the East Wing of the sprawling Mutabak Palace. I love to play soccer, X-Box and go out for movies with my sister, Genee-In-A-Bottle and my 2 cousins, Animal Instinct and Bubbly Millionheiress.My favourite subject is English. I like to read lots of books and I also like to go to K-Box with my fellow freaky cousins!

Hi! I'm a 10 year old girl Freak, I live in the East Wing of Mutabak Palace with my elder brother, Virtual Cop. My hobbies are to play witmy brother, go out with my two cousins, Animal Instinct and Bubbly Millionheiress.My favourite actresses are Asin and Sada, in the Tamil cinema. I like Sada cos of Bubbly Millionheiress. Now I like Gillian Chung, thanks to Bubbly Millionheiress again! She's pretty, isn't it? Well, I also like to go to K-box with my brother and cousins. That's about it!
We are pondering on our Weekly Column, so we'll post again very soon! Thanx for your time!
By Virtual Cop and Genee-In-A-Bottle with help from Bubbly Millionheiress

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