Friday, September 17, 2010

Korean Billboard Chart of TOP HITS!!!

Korean songs are all the rage these days in Freaktopia! Let's check out the top Korean songs this week! And along the way, catch up on the latest, juicy news about your favourite Korean singers and girl and boy groups!

No. 1 - Somebody by Wonderful Girls

Wonderful Girls recently sang their no.1 hit song Somebody for the Princess of Murtabak at the Murtabak Palace, and their wonderful performance brought tears to the Princess's eyes as she is their number 1 fan.

No. 2 - Bananamama by Super Senior

Super Senior which has about 999 members at last count, recently released their new song called Banananoma (or Bomananama? Banomanoma? aye..whatever!). Their MTV features Banana in Pajamas dancing in a cheap warehouse with flickering lights)

No. 3 - Funeral Dress by Too Young

This very tragic song by Too Young made it to the Guineas (Pig) Records for selling 999,999,999 copies within 5 seconds. Apparently, this is because of the recent spate of mass migration to the Other Realm which led to a spike in funeral services and hence the playing of this very befitting song for the numerous farewell ceremonies.

No. 4 - Har??? by 5Minute

5Minute is an up and coming girl band with loads of talent (each member has more talent than all the SNSD members combined) and their latest song "Har???" promises to move you to your feet and groove along to their beat!

No. 5 - Arirang by Kim Boo Bum

This is the classic, all-time favourite Korean song. This song is actually in the Guineas (Pig) Record for holding its position in the Korean Billboard charts since 742984477 B.M. (Before Murtabak)!!!

Reported by: Lin Kim Park

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  1. well you have written some names wrong its 4 minutes not 5 minutes and where is BIGBANG king of kpop