Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Allopia Gadget Shop

More new stuffs have arrived! Grab them before they're all sold out!!! Prices subject to change, depending on popularity.

1. IBook  

Portable, compact, handy.
IBook. I Own It
The latest invention by Allopia Gadget Factory, this electronic book is a must-have for every technology savvy and 21st century geek and nerd. You can download books through Ebeh website. Purchase by Pay-Buddy. It's so simple and fast! Your very own library can just be the size of your chemistry textbook!. Now you can read on the go with IBook!
Read to me : Tired of reading? Need someone to read to you? Just select the 'read to me' function in the side panel and a voice will read out the story to you. Can choose different voices : sexy, deep, husky, cute, dollish, growl, clownish, witchy, bitchy, baby, cattish, seductive, horny, old grandma, old grandpa, high-pitch, shrill, sing-song, normal
Dorby Surround : High quality speakers with Sorby Surround elfish sound to give you the elfish theatric experience.

Dictionary : You can check up the definition of unfamiliar words conveniently with this function.
Music player : Plays music while you read. Proven Mozark effect to help you absorb what you're reading better. CD or download
Fansite : Access the book's fansite and interact with fellow fans and the author in the forum.Test yourself on the book in the quiz section
Screen : Will not damage your eyesight from prolonged use. Very high resolution with 999 colours. Can choose background colour or wallpapers.
2. Biological Alarm Clock
Completely reliable and perfectly harmless. 

Just take one drop of B.A.C before you sleep, then recite in your mind 3 times the time when you need to wake up the next day, and your own biological clock will make sure you wake up on time the next day. B.A.C. works by stimulating your biological clock nerves and 'sets' the speed accurately for the impulse to travel to your 'alarm clock' nerves. 

When the impulse reaches your 'alarm clock' nerves at the designated time, your biological alarm clock goes off and active hormones are released to make your whole body and mind become alert and active instantly. Your mind becomes refreshed and you won't fall back to sleep  

3. Adidust Pod Trainer

Your Intelligent Personal Trainer 

Wear this when you go running/jpgging and it'll make sure you do not stop until you finish the number of rounds which you set out to achieve. Just press the number (distance in km). It also records the distance and speed of your running/jogging/walking. Definitely your perfect exercise companion. 

4. Black-hole

Throw one at your enemy and he'll be sucked into the hole into another dimension. 

Notice: Sale of Black-Hole has been banned by the Government of the Other Realm as its use messes up the registration process at the Other Realm Immigrations Department.   

5. Allopia Lip-Stick

Someone just won't shut up? Just apply some Lip-Stick to the person's lips and his/her lips will stick together for one whole hour! Waterproof and moisturizing.

 Comes in 3 colours : black, white, purple  

6. Dreamer Traveler Pillow

The only pillow in the world which can take you anywhere you want - in your dreams! Be it to go back in time or visit the future or go to another country, just think about your desired destination and within seconds, you'll be there! Beware: you may not want to wake up from your dream!  

7. Allopia Earstuds

Hearing aid - aids you to hear sounds as soft as caterpilla crawling. Automatically sift out loud sounds to prevent eardrum damage 

8. Adidust Wings

Strap this onto your back and you will be able to fly!!! Automatically shrinks when not in use. 100% portable.

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