Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Imperial Edict

By the order of the Royal Princess Mutabak, all those people who deem FreaksTimes as a whole lot bunch of crap are henceforth banned from FreaksTimes. Here, at FreaksTimes, we write freaky things, if anybody or anything dare to even say our posts are nonsense, then we advise you to gouge out your own eyes before we do so with a spade. Any anonymous people, objects or supernatural beings who had the audacity to say or type shit about FreaksTimes will be killed by the Al-Gebra Terrorists' weapons of Math Reduction.

Gothic Chick a.k.a The Mummified One or the Barren Baroness is banned because of her crime of treachery and unforgivable betrayal of the Freaks by colluding with the evil and notorious High Priestess of the TFM Sect. She had also sponged off precious financial resources from Princess Mutabak, The Seer and the Duck Medium, leaving them in huge financial crisises. That evil entity had also kept several priceless editions of FreaksTimes. Hence, the High Freak Council had decided to boot her out of the society permanently.

Nisha and Sheena are also banned from the FreaksTimes because of their failure to contribute any article or even the slightest idea to FreaksTimes after being requested by the Duck Medium countless of times. They had also violated the strictest rule of Hidden Identity. Miss Sheena had used her own name instead of a nickname. They are hence banned and exiled to Africa via a cardboard box to float them there. Miss Sheena had also threatened to gatecrash the Freak's sacred potluck party, The Freaks shall met out the lightest punishment of tongue and limbs amputation, followed by whipping and burn torture.

Because of Duck Medium's irresponsible action of introducing such characters to FreaksTimes, he is hence fined $0.10 and punished by being a kitchen help to the Critter Connoisseur Whiskie.
posted by the royal scribe of the Mutabak Palace


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  2. Fake as hell dont waste your time reading this shit