Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HEADLICE !!!!!!!!!


-We flood the news for you-
Famous pop singer of the Land Of The Sinking Sun, Tsunami Nami , a rare talent with the one-in-a zillion vocal chords of a sore throat Jigglypuff, held a concert offshore of the town of Cape of Bad Hope. Her piercing voice had caused several Ah Peks at the concert and in the vincinity to have heart attack, and her unimaginablely high "C" caused every window and eardrums to explode, shatter and bleed within a radius of 15km. Thanks to a backstage crew membr who accidentally spilled his Earthworm Ramen, causing the amplifier to shortcircuit and amplify the high C by many many folds. 

However the shockwave produced by the fortunate accident had also spread to the sea. Small tsunamis with a short height of only 60 stories high, populated the sea for 30 days. Thus giving the town the name , Cape of Bad Hope , as no one ever have any good hope or sense of escaping the killer waves. These cute little waves simply do their jobs by sinking ships, drowning peolple and causing panic, pandemonium, chaos and mayhem. A nearby town called the Cape of No Hope reported a tsunami had flung a Giant Giant Squid onto the town, crushing the Mayor and several reporters to death. The Duck Medium was called to excorise the very big seafood to appease the departed souls and the townspeople.

Besides those, the tsunamis had also spread to other countries, resulting in the Mortal Realm being seriously underpopulated and the Other Realm is suffering from overcrowding. Much to Sinkapula's delight, the tsunami had finally caused the sinking city to sink even furthur, putting it on par with Atlantis (8188km under sea level). However, Africa's Sahara Desert is flooded, causing it to become the Sahara Mudland and the inhabitants have to switch from selling quicksand to Mudshakes. The Amazing Forest is also submerged under the waters, causing many animals and critters to travel about in submarines supplied by the Very United Nations. 

Because of all the damage, deaths, injuries and etc caused by Tsunami's high C, she is sued by the World Court by the Other realm and the Very United Nations. She is currently unavailable for comments as she is locked in a sound proof room and her bail is set on fifty cents, where here manager is currently spotted on the streets begging, trying to raise funds to bail the superstar. 

-----------by duck medium

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