Friday, January 29, 2010

Freaktopian Citizen Admission Examination

There has been an influx of both legal and illegal immigrants into Freaktopia in the past 3 years. The new migrants come from all over the universe and the other realm as well. The sudden and explosive population boom has created major problems for the government of Freaktopia and has incited much furore from the citizens. These immigrants were felt to be uneducated, barbaric, insane, bloodthirsty, among other adjectives used to describe them.

To control the influx of migrants and to ensure that these people are of sufficient calibre and level of intelligence, the Ministry of Immigration has decided to administer an entrance exam to filter out the hopeless cases and the nutcases so that whoever gets the privilege of becoming Freaktopian citizens would be those who truly qualify.

To satisfy the insatiable appetite of the readers for top secret and highly confidential info, the highly resourceful reporter of Freakstimes has braved mortal perils and risked her limbs to obtain a copy of the examination paper. Below are the questions in the exam. Answers not provided, unfortunately.

1) Who is the Minister of Immigration? __________________
2) What is the name of the Princess of Murtabak's royal canine? ____________
3) Who is the mortal enemy of the Al Thosai Organization? ____________
4) Who created the Immortal Pill? _____________
5) Who colonized Colonel Sanders of KFC? _____________
6) Who won the First Inter-Realm Martial Arts Competition? __________
7) What are the winning Toto numbers on 23rd July 1997? ______________
8) What is the most popular shopping mall in Freaktopia? ___________
9) Which is the most prestigious school in Freaktopia? ______________
10) Did Dairy Queen marry Burger King? __________
11) Where on Freaktopia is Old MacDonald's farm? ___________
12) How should you say your prayer before eating the Holy Burger from Mosque Burger? ____
13) What are the benefits of Duck Matter? __________________
14) Who is Mr Kana Sai? ______________
15) You must be a user of which telecommunication company before you can buy the Immortal Pills? __________________
16) Which is Freaktopia's favourite mooncake shop? __________________
17) What is the Holy Immortal SSW's favourite dinosaur? _____________
18) What is murtabak made of? ____________________
19) Name a famous dish in Critter Connoisseur Whiskey's Critter Cuisine Menu. __________
20) Name the states in the United Emirates of Indian Cuisine. ________________

Reported by: Urban Geek

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