Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ancient Egyptian Exhibition

An exhibition of ancient Egyptian pharaohs will be held at the Royal University of Urban Mutabak’s Exhibition Hall 3002, where the ignorant public can go ogle at those highly-expired dead bodies and learn that there is no such thing as immorality (obviously the Leech and the TFM have missed quite a few important lessons). To spice up the event, the Nekomancer* will be invited as special guest to entertain the audience by reanimating some of the more destructive corpses to induce some terror and bloodshed. The Duck Medium will be present to provide free embalming, mummification and afterlife consultation services to cheaporella members of the public.

Please look after yourself and those you bring along as the management will not be responsible for any accidental deaths, injury, permanent incapacitation and disappearance. Before attending the event, please update your will and top up your insurance coverage. Paranoid members of the public are rest assured as the exhibition hall is guarded by the elite National Cadet Corpse (NCC) to deter any acts of terrorism by the Dhal Kingdom or Al Thosai’s Suicide Frying Attack. With the joint efforts of the Nekomancer, Duck Medium and Summoner Urban Geek, an anti-Leech and anti-TFM magical barrier will be erected to protect the public in case (touch wood) the pair happened to linger around the neighbourhood. The barrier will also serve to prevent the corpses from escaping out of the exhibition hall and kill everyone they see on the street.

Admission: $123456789 per child, $987654321 per adults and free entry for the deceased. Zombies, ghouls and pontianaks are admitted on case-by-case basis.

Note: do not feed the NCC with holy water or Duck Matter as it will cause them to suffer from Mad Corpse Disease, which will make the event very messy with body parts and gore. Audience discretion is advised.

*Neko means ‘cat’ in Japanese.

For more events, please check with your nearest Cyst-Stick outlets and get your tickets there at extra charges!

Reported by: Duck Medium

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