Sunday, January 17, 2010

NEWS FLASH - New Product!

Essence of Saint Pra

Homo Boss, the famous manufacturer of the Essence series, is introducing a new product to Essence lovers; the Essence of Saint Pra. Everyday, a worker, under the disguise of a student, will make a solemn and silent pilgrimage to the Statute of Saint Pra in the St. Pra Chapel on Mount Pra and make an offering of confiscated items, recordings of public caning and school ties and badges before seeking permission to obtain the precious vapour. When distilling the essence, one must be decked out immaculately in school uniform (shirt tucked in, with tie and badge and non-coloured hair), or else, Saint Pra will visit divine school punishment onto the offender by summoning Ding Bat Chia the Caning Master. By spraying the Essence of Saint Pra, you will experience an obsessive need to strictly follow school rules, bootlick every teacher and be able to come in first in any race, be it Cross Country or F1.

Price: $9.90. strictly for BHSS students only. Off limits to students from Waffles Institution.

Coming up next week: Essence of Vishnu.

Reported by Duck Medium

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