Monday, January 4, 2010

The Freaktopian Business Times

Last Friedday, the Prata Economic Index (PEI) plummeted by 5459.666 points, from 5460.666 to 1 point, which caused the country’s economy to collapse like LEGO bricks after being sat on by a grossly overweight Stephanie. Frying in a state of economic turmoil, the Prata Republic’s government flew the coop, to save their own crispy skins, after witnessing civil wars breaking out left, right, centre, front, back, top and bottom as if there is no tomorrow.

Economy analysts speculated that this rare but highly destructive economic phenomenon is caused by the presence of The Leech, whose bankrupting aura will simply plunge any nation into irrecoverable bankruptcy. Furthermore, that organism’s aura is capable of curdling fresh QBB Ghee (an important natural resource that keeps the Indian Cuisine Nations’ economy hot, oily and crispy) into a pile of toxic diarrhoea-like substance.

“We must not let The Leech continue its sponging ways in the lands of Freaktopia! We must find a way to send it to the Other Realm!” exclaimed a looter who was busy stealing curry powder and chilli sauce from a shop.

Apparently, the looter’s comments threw the Other Realm into complete confusion and panic as the thought of The Leech entering their realm will simply spell catastrophe for the spiritual world. The Other Realm have been enjoying triple-digit economic growth ever since it was founded in 999 trillion light years B.M (Before Mutabak) and could not imagine their strong Hellnotes currency being reduced into worth pieces of scrap paper by the devastating Leech’s aura.

King Yen Lo called for a convention to discuss a solution to the impending problem. The convention will be held at MoonTec City Convention Hall at Mount Ro. All wheelchair and trishaw traffic will be diverted to Mount Pra Expressway for 10 years.

- Reported by Kaypoberry and Julie Biscuit

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