Friday, January 22, 2010


After much liasing with Saint Pra via the Duck Medium, Homo Boss is delighted to announce that students* in the Forensic Prataology faculty are eligible to purchase the Essence of Saint Pra at the Royal University of Urban Mutabak’s (RUUM) bookshop. Those currently studying at Allopia Spy School are advised to break into RUUM at night to steal the Essences or they can choose to purchase at Allopia’s black market at daylight-robbery prices. Get your Essence of Saint Pra now while stocks last!

*Students must have either skipped 99% of their attendance, failing almost all of their exams or both to be eligible to buy the Essence. Promotion is also applicable to students in the Por-fessional course.

Buy now! And bootlick your way to success, fame and riches!

Note: patrons of Essence of Saint Pra must regularly make a pilgrimage to Mount Pra and Mount Ro, or else they will be visited by the apparition of Ding Bat Chia, a being more powerful that Saint Pra.

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