Friday, January 8, 2010

Forensic Prataology New modules

Semester modules

1. Introduction to Prata Flipping

Description: The art of prata flipping dates back to 23 B.M. (Before Murtabak), about thousands of years ago. It was invented and mastered by the people of Paratha Nation, a lost civilzation after it was destroyed by a deadly natural disaster known as Hurricane Currina.

Fortunately, the ancient art survived because some Parathian traders brought the skill and knowledge to Freaktopia in exchange for some Holy Immortal Pills, one of the national products of Freaktopia.

Since then, Prata Flipping has become a phenomenon, and has even been elevated to pop culture status all over Freaktopia and the Other Realm. Even the previously popular Pollywood boyband Backstreet Boys quit their singing career to turn to flipping pratas, and they even renamed themselves "Backstreet Prata Boys". Such is the prestige of learning to flip pratas.

This course aims to introduce students to the honorable art through theories, practical lessons and a group project. For the group project, students are required to perform a Prata Flipping Act and write a 100,000-words report on a case study of one renowned Prata Flipper from history. Insights and demonstrations by guest lecturers (possibly Backstreet Prata Boys, if their schedule permits) will also be part of the pedagogy.

Lesson Plan

Week 1: Introduction to the art of flipping pratas
Week 2: History of Prata Flipping
Week 3: Basic theories of Prata Flipping 1
Week 4: Basic theories of Prata Flipping 2
Week 5: Beginners Prata Flipping Methods 1
Week 6: Beginners Prata Flipping Methods 2
Week 7: Famous Prata Flippers - A brief history
Week 8: Guest Lecture by Backstreet Prata Boys
Week 9: Visit to the Prata Shrine - Home of the Master Prata Flippers
Week 10: Guest Lecture by 60 Cents (Rapper cum Prata Flipper)
Week 11: Project Presentation
Week 12: Examination

Note: Upon completion of this course, students can proceed to take up Level 2 Prata Flipping module. Students will receive a Level 1 Certificate upon completion of this course, which will allow them to take up part-time jobs as assistant flippers at the Famous Thomson Crispy Prata Shop. To become a chief flipper, a pHD in Forensic Prataology is required.

Below are some career options for each level of mastery in Prata Flipping:

Level 1: Assistant flipper, apprentice, intern
Level 2: Associate Flipper, Junior Flipper, Executive Flipper
Level 3: Senior Associate Flipper,
Level 4: Senior Flipper, Flipper Manager --- for Masters students
Level 5: Chief Flipper, Chief Flipping Officer (CFO) --- for pHD students

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