Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tomb Raider versus Tomb Keeper

The Goldilocks Corporation has been causing Dr. Lala Cloth, chief executive officer of Tomb Raider Services Company a lot of headache with its advent of several high-tech and advanced tomb security systems and devices.

These merciless security measures cum weapons of lethal extermination has resulted in high casualties and revenue loss for the Tomb Raider Services Company, in terms of a sharp increase in insurance and medical claims by employees and lawsuits by dissatisfied clients, and to top it all off, the company saw a dramatic drop in business with the advancement of Goldilocks‘ security devices. This is reportedly due to fear by potential customers of getting cursed by the unholy XXX incantation personally chanted by the reverent Duck Medium.

Cloth‘s unfortunate fate begets Xiao Long Nu‘s triumph. Xiao Long Nu, director of Tomb Keeper Services Company out-sourced its Security Department to Goldilocks last year and has since saw her company‘s business booming with hordes of satis-fied customers praising the company for its efficiency and capability.

Cloth has announced plans to invest a hefty ten million dollars into R&D to develop more advanced tomb raiding devices and techniques to counter Goldilock‘s security devices.

Reported by Urban Geek

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