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Address : FreakTopia Avenue 10 China-Land

Meng Mei is the granddaughter of Meng Po, the CEO of Meng Po Soup Corporation. Meng Mei learnt her excellent culinary skills from her grandmother Meng Po, who is a seasoned and veteran chef, so her congee definitely promises not to disappoint! She specializes in cooking congee and she has come up with 3 unique flavours of congee, namely the Meng Mei Toxic congee, Meng Mei Samadhi-Fire Congee and Meng Mei Moon Essence Congee which contain highly beneficial herbs and rare essences of nature. For an out-of-this-world taste sensation, come down to the Meng Mei Congee Shop and try our delicious congee!

梦妹三昧真火粥 Meng Mei Samadhi-Fire Congee

Ingredients: cost: $50 per bowl

 Samadhi-Fire™ Essence
 Extra-Concentrated Wasabe
 Million-Island Dressing
 Infra-1000°C Tabasco Sauce
 Thousand-Level Pagoda Tom Yam Paste

For a fiery-hot-and-spicy sensation, try our Meng Mei Samadhi-Fire Congee! Promises to make you breathe out fire for 1 whole week after eating it!

WARNING: You may need tongue transplant after eating the congee. But fear not, Meng Mei has good connections with the Freak Tock Seng Hospital so if you suffer from any tongue defects after that just let Meng Mei know and she’ll you refer to Dr Chum at FTSH who’ll then give you a tongue-transplant operation at a high discount of 2%!

梦妹月光香精粥 Meng Mei Moon Essence Congee

Ingredients: cost: $60 per bowl

 Moonstone powder
 Peacock feather mites
 Mooncake mould
 Blood squeezed from rose thorns
 Cinderella’s cinder
 Snow White’s snot
 Sleeping Beauty’s snores
 Rapunzel’s hair lice
 Mermaid’s scales

To attain everlasting youth and beauty, try the Meng Mei Moon Essence Congee! Guaranteed to make you look beautiful and radiant!

Disclaimer: any side effects arising will have abso-lolutely nothing to do with Meng Mei Congee Company

梦妹超毒粥 Meng Mei Toxic Congee

This is the most popular congee of all. Just read the personal account on the right! Cost: $38 per bowl


 Radioactive shredded chicken
 Essence of Eugene™
 Lionhead Fish oil
 Hair of Whiskie
 Canned-Bell® soup

“I had a bowl of the Meng Mei Toxic Congee last week and instant results were seen! The after-effects were: severe vomiting, gastric pains, throat problems, dizziness, diarrhea, bloated head, radioactive contamination, corrugated ankles, transparency and blue hair. Wah damn shiok!

Gimme an-other bowl of Toxic Congee!” - Miss Mimi Mee

Advertisement Corner

Retail price: $99.99

“Meng Po: The secret to Suicide” (autobiography of Meng Po)”book is out now!

Written personally by meng po about her life and how she learnt her legendary culinary skills and become the ambassador of Hades and monopolized the industry of memory-eraser soup.

Contact your nearest bookstore now to order a copy! Hurry! While stocks last!

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