Saturday, October 3, 2009

Introduction to the New Freakstimes

Greetings mortals! I am very pleased to introduce you to our new blog where we'll be posting exciting news, advertisements, stories, and all the things in between from Freaktopia! Expect hilarity, morbidity, blood, gore, horror and tragedies, reported by our highly professional and dedicated writers who'll fight to the frontline to bring you the freshest news, served piping hot in a claypot!

The Freakstimes was conceived in 2003 by a very bored student who was studying for her O levels. Motivated by her love for writing jokes and drawing (albeit an amateurish attempt) and the various sources of inspirations from everyday life such as the streets, on TV, in movies, in books etc, she founded a publication called The Freakstimes, which is a compilation of masterpieces from herself as well as other distinguished contributors.


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