Saturday, October 3, 2009

Advertisement: Ong Bee Mooncake Pte Ltd

Bee Moon is said to be a descendent of the family of Chang Er and Duan Er. Every mooncake festival, she orders 1000 mooncakes to distribute to the students of Allopia Spy School in commemoration of Duan Er who got banished to the moon palace for her evil deeds and to Chang Er for her unsurpassed beauty and talents.

Last month, Bee Moon decided to set up her own bakery selling Bee Mooncakes, with exotic and unique fillings and they can be bought all year round because she specializes in crescent mooncakes and new mooncakes and eclipse mooncakes etc as well.

Mooncake Festival 2009 SPECIAL!

New mooncakes:
quarter-moon mooncake
half-moon mooncake
three-quarter moon mooncake
full moon mooncake
no moon mooncake
crescent moon mooncake

All mooncakes are infused with essence of Ong Bee Moon to grant you weightlessness and a moonly glow of the skin!

Promotion: buy 1 at $999.99 and get 5 free mooncakes.
1% discount for Starcup, Botorola and Bokia users.

For die-hard FF fans, we have the special Limited Moon Mooncake and Howling Mooncake. If you love Twilight, then we have the New Moon Mooncake.
Ex-BHSS students will receive a complimentary original Ong Bee Moon Mooncake recipe with every purchase!

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