Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kanenabo - Limited Edition X’mas Make-Up Kit

The Japanese cosmetics giant Kanenabo introduces its latest product— The Limited Edition X‘mas Make-Up Kit. The kit consists of 7 cool tools to help you make your wishes come true this festive season!

Each kit costs $777 and we heard that they are selling like hot cupcakes!

Available at all retail stores from supermarkets to mama shops, get it quick
before it gets sold out because Kanenabo produced only 50 kits!

What's in the kit:

Pucker Up Lipstick : Get the bee-stung lips look, literally! Contains active ingredient Killer Bee Acid.

Fake eyelash : Flap those lashes! Feel the wind! Made of 20cm long real elephant lashes for the natural look!

EXTREME XXX Volume Mascara : Thicken those elephant lashes somemore to achieve super enlarged eyes look!

Warning : you may not be able to open your eyes due to the heaviness.

Snow White Foundation : Celebrate a very white X‘mas this December! Put this on to get that gorgeous geisha white mien.

Blushed Shy Shy : Add a nice blushy pink shade to your liquid paper white face with this pretty blusher. Made with ang pow dye.

Gothic Black Eye-liner : Black enhances your eyes best, especially in contrast with a flour white face. Line your eyes with this superb eyeliner that won‘t smudge or wash off no matter what detergent or heavy-duty washing liquid you use.

No Shadow Eye-shadow : Add a mysterious shimmer to your eye-lids with this magical eyeshadow that doesn‘t leave a shadow, whatever that means!

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