Friday, February 26, 2010


“It is not just a bag. It’s Prata.” – White Chicks

Lovers of designer bags and worshippers of high-end branded heels, Prata has finally made its way from the overcrowded 841 Madison Ave at 70th St. on Earth (another different dimension of miserable existence) to Freaktopia’s 911 Medicine Ave at 99th Heavenly Street, Egg Yolk City. Founded by Mucus Prata in 1884 B.M (Before Mutabak), who received a heavenly revelation to make bags, heels and all other assorted fashion accessories when his mucus dripped into the prata he was flipping at the Famous Thomson Crispy Prata Shop, which formed a divine message written in God’s unhygienic handwriting.

Having been in business for nearly 5000 years and had crushed all other competitors under its 10 inch diamond-studded heels, Prata is the only brand trusted by fashion gurus and addicts. “Hmmm. A good question to ask. I go for branded goods such as Prata is not because of its quality. But because it simply cost more,” replied Dumbzilla Jolie, who is an avid shopper at Prata, when asked on her preference to patronize Prata. “Orh. I shop at Prata is because it not only have my favorite leopard print, but also have red and loud clothes, and something BOOMZ, which makes me feel naughty!” exclaimed Miss Grease Low, who drew unnecessary stares to our unfortunately fashion-challenged reporter. Grease Low predicts that the noxious combination of khaki green and elephant prints will be the fashion of the next season. This statement nearly caused innocent shoppers and Mr. Mucus Prata to fall into a dead faint.

Be it handbag or heel, top or bottom, Prata will personally design it just to fit your preference. Lost or unsure of the latest trend, fret not! For Prata gives free fashion consultation as we are confident of ripping you off through our price tags. Here at Prata, you will witness fashion at its impossible pinnacle of creativity, perfection and sadistic innovation. Graduated from using synthetic materials, Prata will sson resort to using dinosaur hide to fashion its killer boots (with heels as tall as the Imperial State Building), which is sure to incur the wrath of Immortal SSW, or use the crispy skins of brutally murdered Mutabaks to fashion its latest tote bags.

If anything is worth dying for, it has got to be Prata.

Reported by: Duck Medium

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