Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Drama Queen Quiz

For drama queens, no gesture is too melodramatic, no hairdo too "big", no outfit too outrageous and no wail too loud. In fact, should the life story of a drama queen ever see the light of day on the silver screen, even Meryl Streep would have to turn down the role because she just doesn't have the range to do it justice. The larger-than-life personas of drama queens stem from their fervent belief that life is a stage and others merely bit players while they are the prima-star actresses. And as the star attraction - drama queens do not merely demand attention - they revel and live right in the centre of it.

Whatever the case may be, drama queens are far more than just nervous nellies with a self-destruct button. And if you're wondering whether you belong to the former or latter category, there's only one way to find out: my self-concocted "What's Your Drama Range?" Quiz (in tribute to my favourite section in Cosmos) designed to sift out the true divas from pathetic pretenders to the throne.

Question 1
In a club, you espy someone you had an ONS with but who never called you back the next day chatting up another guy. Do you:

a) Ignore him and enjoy your club outing;
b) Sulk and start the vicious rumour that his steroid-popping habit has resulted in a "small" problem;
c) Throw your martini in his face and scream: "That's for giving me genital herpes!"

Question 2
At home, you spot a bump at the back of your neck you have never noticed. Do you:

a) Wonder how the bump came about and then forget about it;
b) Worry and immediately rush off to pay your doctor a visit; or
c) Assume you are dying of cancer, make a will and start to leave ominous messages on the answering machines of those nearest and dearest to you?

Question 3
In the subway, a stranger bumps into you with her LV tote bag causing you to momentarily lose your poise. Do you:

a) Tell yourself it was unintentional and let the matter slide;
b) Utter loudly "Well EXCUSE ME!" and roll your eyes; or
c) Focus a death stare on the unfortunate stranger so intense that children cry and pit bulls whimper within a 50-metre radius.

Question 4
At a departmental store, you try on a pair of really fierce jeans only to discover that you have ballooned from a wasp-like 27-inch waist to a 30-inch waist. Do you:

a) Accept your fate calmly while mentally making a note to hit the gym;
b) Insist on trying on every single pair of waist 27-inch jeans and then storm out of the store when you can no longer deny the truth; or
c) Demand to see the manager and threaten to sue the store for mislabelling their merchandise and for causing you unnecessary distress.

The Results

If you have picked (a) for most of the questions, you're not even remotely any where choose to being a drama queen.

If you have picked (b) for most of the questions, you're susceptible to royal tantrums more befitting members of the royal family found lower on the pecking order. Congratulations, you're the dramatic equivalent of a princess, a countess or a duchess.

And if you have picked (c) for most of the questions, we'll like to present you with a scepter and crown amidst cheers of "All Hail The Queen!" - for your Majesty is an undisputed drama queen whom even RuPaul is afraid of.

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