Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imperial Decree from the Freaktopian Black House

The Freaktopian Black House and all the Heads of States from the Other-Realm and Galaxies as well as The Alternate Universe hereby decree that DUCK MEDIUM be promoted to DUCK BUDDHA. The Duck Medium has made numerous significant contributions to Freaktopia, relentlessly reporting on the Indian Cuisine War and Thosai Terrorism, resulting in exponentially more casualties than usual. In recognition of his meritorious services, the Un-united Nations would like to present the Nobel Chaos Prize to the Duck Buddha. The Un-united Nations Secretary General Kopi Naan said," The Duck Buddha is truly a great role model. We should all learn from his unwavering courage and kayponess in reporting all sorts of news from finance to K-pop to war. He deserves the Nobel Chaos Prize for his all-round reporting and extreme overachievement!"

Congratulations to Duck Buddha on his promotion! We look forward to his valuable continued and committed contribution to Freaktopia.

Reported by: Urban Geek

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