Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Allopia (Freaktopia) – The prestigious educational institution of Allopia, located somewhere in the vast and highly confusing realm of Freaktopia, has decided to revise some of its existing curriculum to better serve the Allopian students in the near apocalyptic future. Minister for Education, Panama Puree said, “The Mutabak Kingdom is becoming an increasingly powerful and important nation in the dimension of Freaktopia, which justifies the need to implement the new Mutabak Studies as soon as possible.”

The Mutabak Studies, comprising of Mutabaklish, Mutabak’s Anatomy and Indian Cuisine Sociology, will equip Allopians with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect the Holy Royal Mutabak Kingdom and the precious natural resources of the United Emirates of Indian Cuisine Nations (UEICN): raw QBB Ghee. For graduate students, the subjects available are: Practical Sauce Research, Chemical and Biological Ghee Engineering, AeroSauce Engineering and Theological Mutabak philosophy. The National University of Royal Urban Mutabak (NURUM), an accredited affiliated partner of Allopia Spy School, is offering Curryology, Forensic Prataology, Medical Filling-o-logy, Cuisine Law and Management in Catastrophic Fairy Tale.

With a variety of new subjects available, students at Allopia Spy School can look forward to days where they will be studying till they grow mould and collect dust. “By equipping our students with crucial Mutabak and Indian Cuisine knowledge and practical hands-on, the Mutabak Kingdom and the UEICN will become a formidable force to be reckoned with,” declared a crispy and oily Royal Mutabak Kingdom envoy.

-a special report by Kaypoberry and Duck Medium

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