Thursday, December 10, 2009

News Break - Where News Break Windows, Necks and Spines

Murtabak Kingdom - the pieceful realm of Murtabak is frying in turmoil as the secret Kaypo Intelligence Unit (KIU) revealed that Princess Puree is facing a pending failure in her relationship with the evil Earl Dhal.

That impossible Queen Murtabak accused the well-loved Princess Murtabak of not helping to counsel her royal puree sibling. On one occasion, the Queen threw plates, in a failed attempt to smash the stuffings out of Princess Murtabak, causing her to flee the palace and join the Duck Medium in refuge at Siow Plaza.

Sizzling with rage, the Princess Murtabak craved for curry to be spilled and hence, declared war on the Dhal Kingdom (which is suspected to be harbouring the notorious Al Thosai Organization).

With Obliteration in mind, the princess mustered all of the military might of the United Emirates of Indian Cuisine Nation to decimate every single dhal particle of the wicked Earl Dhal with the newly-invented Rendang Missile and Asam Pedas Bomb.

Reported by: Kaypoberry

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