Saturday, November 21, 2009

News Flash! Terrorist Attacks in Murtabak Kingdom

Muttonbak (East city of Murtabak Kingdom) was under attack by the notorious terrorist organization, the Al Thosai Organisation (ALO). The nationality of the terrorists is unclear. However it appears that they belong to the despicable and rotten Thosai Kingdom.

The first terrorist attack began on 4th February, 5000 B.C. when the Princess of Murtabak was having her bath. The hopelessly moronic terrorists entered the palace by strolling across the palace desert (which was imported from Africa‘s Sahara Desert) and getting themselves blown into bite-sized bits by the Chinese 8-treasure Chili Sauce CCS-84 landmines, despite the warning sign that says ―Keep Out—Danger! Beware of land-mines!

The second attack took place one minute later where eleven thosai terrorists foolishly, but nonetheless admired by all of our bloodthirsty and thosai-hungry readers for their bravery, entered the palace through the front gate when a state-of-the-art latest model of the Murta-fighter plane XXX-01 dropped the latest invented Salsa and Thousand Chilli Sauce hydrogen bomb on the nano-sided brained invaders, burning them to an unrecognizable crisp of thosai slein.

The terrorist attacks left no dead murtabaks. However the cost of the counterattack is substantial as it reduced the entire palace to subatomic particles except the toilet in which the Princess was hiding in. This incident sparked great fury in the Princess of Murtabak who swore that she would tear King Thosai apart and dipped the pieces in chicken curry and swallow them.

Further updates might not be available as our reporter Mr Panama Pani and his crew had perished in the chili bomb blast. However, Kaypo readers do not despair, for FreaksTimes will sent our Kaypoberry Snooper SDU to fry out more news.

Reported by Duck Medium

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