Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beauty Corner - SW-II

The ‘miracle water’ which popular actress/singer Sammee Cheng swears by has finally arrived here in Freaktopia, and it has whipped up the whole female population of the Freaktopia into a crazy frenzy when it was officially launched on Christmas Day. Flocks of women rushed to buy bottles of SW II which is only available every 10 years. Read on to find out more about SW II!

SW-II is the precious essence obtained from the legendary Immortal SSW and it boasts numerous fantastic beauty-enhancing benefits. Every 10 years Immortal SSW takes a bath in the Primordial River of Sewage on Mount Pra and 10 SW-II Company workers will go on a pilgrimage to the magnificent Mount Pra, pray to Immortal SSW for permission to harvest the enhanced river water, which is then packed into bottles right there and then, promising maximum freshness.

Benefits of SW II

- Remove all wrinkles upon application
- Gets rid of all scars—no more moon crater skin!
- Magically makes all pimples vanish without a trace, once and for all!
- Lightens skin tone up to 100 times. Warning—fair people shouldn't use this unless you wish to have skin as white as liquid paper
- Coagulate all the oil on your skin which you can collect and use as cooking oil if you wish
- Minimizes your pores until they are 1 nanometer in
- diameter each
- Makes your face glow—even in the dark!

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