Thursday, November 26, 2009

Archbishop of Kayboberry Visits Mutabak Kingdom

Mutabak-Bak (Freaktopia) – yesterday, the Archbishop of Kaypoberry arrived at the city of Mutabak-Bak, the industrious capital of Mutabak Kingdom, to make His annual pilgrimage to Mount Pra. The prilgrimage is of outmost importance to all inhabitants of the United Emirates of Indian Cuisine Nations (UEICN) as the prevailing Archbishop will pray to the Immortal SSW for bountiful harvests of Q.B.B. Ghee and non-stick Tefal frying pans. However, before ascending the divine Mount Pra, the Archbishop of Kaypoberry has to fast for a week on a diet of ghee, lard and Axe brand medicated oil, as well as undergo a series of unfortunate events at Mount Ro to be cleansed of all sins and worldly desires.

However, several terrorists from the Al Thosai organization tried to kidnap Kaypoberry, but only to find themselves being arrested and mercifully sent into exile by the sadistic Princess Mutabak (who was in a foul mood due to period cramps) to the Pit of Stephanie where they will be leeched into poverty and endless debts by The Stephanie, a fate certainly 1000 times worse than being cooked in boiling Chinese 8-treasure Chili Sauce and smothered by masala.

At the summit of Mount Pra, the holy Immortal SSW gave His blessings to the Mutabak Kingdom and after which, stepped into his time machine to travel back in time to look for his dinosaur buddies for a roaring contest held at Palaeonto-Land, organised by SW-II International. With the sanctification of the Mutabak land, the kingdom will enjoy crispiness, oiliness and spiciness for another 1 hour before it is plagued with the never-ending headache of terrorising Thosais, eloping naans, murderous Pratas and Nasi Lemaks trying to enter the kingdom illegally to spread the gospel of sambal belacan.

Reported by Duck Medium

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